Watch a motorbike chase down hit-and-run driver

Watch a motorbike chase down hit-and-run driver

Seeing footage of a car crossing to the wrong side of a road and striking another is extraordinary in itself.

That’s exactly how this video, shot by Dick Danger (we’re not sure we want to know how he got that name), starts. A driver of a Mercedes S-Class veers across to the wrong side of the road, around Danger’s motorbike, and collides with a stationary vehicle.

Worse still, for some unknown reason, the driver continue to roll down the road and straight into the back of a Toyota Prius, which itself goes into a car ahead.

As police — and our protagonist, Dick Danger — arrive on the scene, the Mercedes driver decides to speed off into the distance.

Danger decides to take chase, accompanied by some background music straight from a mid 2000’s action film.

You can watch the full thing below (WARNING: contains foul language).

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