Toyota Prius Gets Massive Knife Plunged Into It From On High

Toyota Prius Gets Massive Knife Plunged Into It From On High

If, like us, you’ve never really been a fan of the Toyota Prius, you can now take great pleasure in watching one get destroyed.


The original Prius was never actually as economical as it was claimed to be, yet cost a huge amount because it was supposedly ‘eco friendly’.

In reality, it was less economical than a BMW M3 saloon with a fully fledged V8 engine – and on an old Top Gear episode where they tested the two at 40mph round the track several times, the BMW was kinder to the wallet.

giphy Prius M3

So what better way to say goodbye to a bad egg than to slice it open with a huge knife? One that measures 10ft and weighs 227kg.

All you need is a crane to lift the knife 40ft into the air, a battered old Toyota Prius saloon, and you have a brilliant game that all the family can enjoy watching.

The impact is simply joyous. All those years of people harping on about how great a car it is are quickly forgotten when the huge knife slices through it like hot butter. In fact, it plunges through the roof and chassis into the ground.

What’s so great is you can watch the satisfying moment again and again thanks to the wonders of YouTube – and 154,000 views so far would seem to prove our point.

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