Watch And Weep As These Show-Offs Get Things Very Wrong

Watch And Weep As These Show-Offs Get Things Very Wrong

Let’s face it, showing off behind the wheel doesn’t always end well.

We’ve all tried to impress our mates behind the wheel, whether it was a hamfisted handbrake turn attempt when we were 17 or trying to get air over a humpback bridge.

Most of the time you get away with this kind of antics. Some drivers, however, are not so lucky. And some end up getting caught on camera…

Nothing sums up small man syndrome than endlessly revving your car in front of a crowd

You’d think this spectacular near miss might make street racers think again. But no…

Proper off-roader, tick. Mild incline, tick. Embarrassing and expensive insurance claim, tick

Super-aggressive Lexus driver weaves between traffic, before slamming into the side of a van

Think the Audi Q7 is a bona fide off-roader? Think again. Here’s what 2.7 tonnes can do to a beach

It doesn’t matter how big the car park is, a hamfisted driver can always crash if they try hard enough

‘Watch this’. Mustang driver realises the hard way that burnouts aren’t quite as easy as they look

Off-roader pulls off great sand june jump but practically snaps pick up in half

A lesson for bikers everywhere: It’s easier to do a burnout if you’re actually on the bike

Jumping a car into a muddy swamp is definitely not a good idea. If you’re in doubt, here’s why

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