We’ll Take A Double Shot Caramel Q5 With A Grande TT

We’ll Take A Double Shot Caramel Q5 With A Grande TT

Audi-loving coffee fans, fear no more.

The purveyor of things expensive and German has now come to the rescue with something expensive and German, with an Italian twist – an Audi-branded portable espresso machine.

Simply plug your expensive German coffee machine into your expensive German car’s 12V socket, twiddle your thumbs for two minutes and then you should have steaming, frothing coffee goodness – probably all over your lap if you’re a typical outside lane-pounding Audi stereotype.

For the small sum of 199 euros (£143) – and probably about £50 per month for three ‘espresso pads’ – Audi’s espresso maker could be yours.

If only it didn’t look like a heavy duty deep-sea diving torch. You’d think that aluminium-obsessed Audi would have been able to find some silver offcuts somewhere to prettify its espresso maker.

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