Who’d Have Thought It? Lions Can Open Car Doors

Who’d Have Thought It? Lions Can Open Car Doors

Getting up close and personal to nature is one thing. Having a lioness open the door of your car is quite another!

Here’s the sphincter-loosening moment when “Ahhh!” rapidly turns to “Aaaarghh!!” during a family’s safari drive in South Africa, captured on video by one of the car’s occupants and uploaded to YouTube with the statement “Did you know lions could open car doors?”

Perhaps it was forgetfulness on the part of the family, perhaps it was just sheer stupidity. Whatever it was, it meant the doors of their car were unlocked as they made their way slowly past a pride of lions – which also meant that a lioness was able to yank one open after managing to grab hold of its handle with her fearsome teeth.

Fortunately, one of the passengers has the presence of mind to quickly shut and lock the door before any of them becomes a meaty mouthful for the noble beast. And after the understandable screams comes the politely understated – if somewhat obvious – comment: “Oh my gosh! I didn’t know they could do that!” Well dear, you do now!

It actually happened a year ago but recently came to the wider attention of the world after also being uploaded to Reddit.

What have we got here?


Hmmm, this looks promising…


Carefully does it…


Ah, success!




Watch the whole terrifying incident below:

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