Why Motorists Hate 50mph Zones More Than Speed Cameras

Why Motorists Hate 50mph Zones More Than Speed Cameras

They seem to be covering every inch of this country’s motorway network – and they’re spreading like a viral disease.

We’re talking 50mph zones. And they suck. Here’s why.

#1 Threading past the HGV in the slow lane can feel a bit like


#2 You’re left constantly staring at your speedo like these guys


#3 The lane-swapping idiots who get nowhere faster are VERY annoying

Lane Swapping Cars

#4 You’re always wondering if the speed cameras are live

Man Dressed As Speed Camera

#5 They’re so very, very boring


#6 You never see anyone working, because they’re “otherwise engaged”

Road works fail

#7 You get sick of the sight of cones

Traffic Cone GIF

#8 You’re surrounded by idiots who have no idea of spatial awareness

#9 You laugh at the guy who goes too fast through the average speed cameras… and then curse the ones that go too slowly

#10 And you can’t help get rather frustrated at the fact they can’t do them one mile at a time…


But at least you know it’s not just you that hates them…

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