Win A Remote-Controlled Citroen WRC Car

Win A Remote-Controlled Citroen WRC Car

Despite everyone in the office wanting this Citroen WRC remote-controlled car we are being forced (by the boss) to give it away.


Our loss is your gain – this is a seriously cool bit of kit!

The little Citroen can be controlled with a traditional handheld remote or via your mobile phone by downloading the app. Either way you will be able to speed the car across living rooms and terrorise the cat.

To get you in the mood for winning a scaled-down version, here are some clips of WRC cars being a bit crazy!



Snow? Snow Problem…ptcss

Glowing brakes discs are just cool


This is how we leave Morrisons


Not sped up in any way…


And remember, if you try WRC at home, this will *probably* happen…


Enough of the real-sized cars, here is how you can win a Richard Hammond sized-one…

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The winner will be announced a week today.

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