Woman Sees Car Being Towed Away, Doesn’t Give Up

Woman Sees Car Being Towed Away, Doesn’t Give Up

Being such law-abiding people here at SU Towers, we don’t get cars towed away – but we can imagine how annoying it must be.

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This woman in China must have been seriously angered, because she hung on to her car like nothing on earth as a truck took it away.


We can only imagine she’d left something really important in the car.

The driver filming it was reportedly yelling at her the entire time, telling her just how much danger she was putting herself in.

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We don’t know how the story finished, as the footage stops before the tow truck comes to a halt. We can only assume, though, that the woman’s shoes would have given up long before she had any intention of doing so.

Have a look at the full video below. Reckon you’d do this if your car was being towed away?

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