Wrecked NSX Available At A Cut Price

Wrecked NSX Available At A Cut Price

We all agree here at SU towers that the Honda NSX is a pretty cool supercar.


However, its £120,000 price tag is a little less up our street.

There may be a solution to this, but you might have to live with one or two other… downsides.

Unfortunately, someone has crashed a 2017 NSX in America and the relatively undamaged car is now on sale.


From what we can see, the hybrid supercar has had a pretty serious front-end shunt, but apart from that everything looks rosy. If you looked at it from the rear quarter you’d be hard-pressed to know that it had been crashed.

Prices for the hobbled Honda are currently around the £50,000 mark – so get your bids in quick. Just be prepared for a hefty repair bill if you win.


The online auction is taking place here: https://www.copart.com/lot/22025557

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