YouTuber Pranks Parkers With Penalty Ticket Joke

YouTuber Pranks Parkers With Penalty Ticket Joke

There are few things that will make your blood boil more than returning to your car to find a parking ticket slapped on the windscreen.


Even more infuriating is being given a ticket just after you’ve parked, or even while you’re still in your car.


That’s exactly what YouTube prankster Hstar Vlogs does to unsuspecting motorists in Chingford in his latest video, capturing their reactions on a hidden camera.

Understandably, his victims are absolutely fuming, with one man calling the penalty ‘outrageous’ and explaining he had only just parked there.

Cool under pressure, HStar responds stubbornly and walks away.


However, the victims’ anger soon turns to relief after they open the penalty notice. Find out why in the full video below…

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